We are passionate advocates for our members and the tourism industry as a whole. We actively engage with government agencies, policymakers, and stakeholders to represent the interests of our members, influence favorable policies and create a conducive, business environment.
Through our collective voice, we advocate for sustainable practices, fair regulations and policies that support the growth of the tourism sector.

The Rwanda Chamber of Tourism (RCoT) document outlines several key aspects of their operations, one of which is advocacy. Here are some highlights regarding their advocacy efforts:

Advocacy Role

The RCoT places a strong emphasis on building a proactive advocacy platform to create a favorable business environment for its members. This involves engaging with stakeholders and lobbying for the interests of the tourism and hospitality industry in Rwanda.

Achievements in Advocacy

RCOT has been involved in various advocacy initiatives, such as conducting a COVID-19 industry impact survey, engaging with stakeholders on industry challenges, supporting members in accessing financial assistance, and participating in the revision of the Tourism Law. We have also played a role in advocating for the easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions, and reviewing hotel grading criteria.

Ongoing Advocacy Efforts

The RCOT continues to focus on key areas like policy changes, tax exemptions, and industry regulations to benefit its members. These efforts demonstrate a commitment to addressing challenges and enhancing opportunities within Rwanda's tourism sector.