We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry. We do this by Empowering the tourism and providing the industry with the resources, support, and knowledge it needs to grow and thrive.


This can be done through training programs, workshops, and other capacity building initiatives for all stakeholders, including tourism businesses, governments, and communities.





Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

The Rwanda Development Board, as a government entity, plays a critical role in our partnership. It leads in strategic policy formulation, investment facilitation, and overall development of the tourism sector in Rwanda. Our collaboration focuses on improving investment promotion in tourism, skills development, and promoting Rwanda as a globally competitive and sustainable tourism destination.

Mastercard Foundation

Our partnership with the Mastercard Foundation aligns with their focus on education, financial inclusion, and economic growth in Africa. This collaboration is aimed at empowering the youth and women in Rwanda's tourism sector through training, capacity building, and the development of inclusive financial products tailored for the tourism industry. The Mastercard Foundation’s expertise in financial empowerment and education plays a vital role in enhancing the skills and financial acumen of tourism professionals in Rwanda.

GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)

GIZ, renowned for its work in international cooperation for sustainable development, is a key partner in implementing sustainable tourism practices and eco-friendly initiatives in Rwanda. Our partnership leverages GIZ’s expertise in sustainable development, focusing on community empowerment, and the development of sustainable tourism products.

East Africa Tourism Platform

The East Africa Tourism Platform, dedicated to promoting intra-regional tourism, is instrumental in our efforts to strengthen Rwanda's position within the East African tourism circuit. Our partnership focuses on policy advocacy for easier cross-border travel, joint marketing initiatives, and the development of regional tourism products. The platform’s role in facilitating regional integration is crucial for creating a unified and more accessible tourism experience in East Africa.

 Africa Tourism Board

The Africa Tourism Board, with its mandate to promote tourism to and within Africa, is a strategic partner in amplifying Rwanda’s presence in the African tourism landscape. Our collaboration is geared towards advocacy for intra-African travel, participation in continent-wide tourism initiatives, and the exchange of best practices within the African tourism industry. This partnership is pivotal in positioning Rwanda as a leading tourism destination in Africa and in enhancing collaborative efforts for the continent’s tourism development.
Each of these partnerships, tailored to the unique mandates and strengths of the respective institutions, enriches and strengthens the Rwanda Chamber of Tourism's efforts in advancing Rwanda’s tourism sector.