We facilitate networking platforms, B2B events and partnerships that connect our members with potential clients, investors and collaborators. By fostering collaboration and promoting synergies, we aim to stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities and drive innovation within the sector.

The Rwanda Chamber of Tourism has been instrumental in fostering business opportunities within the tourism sector. Their strategy includes a mix of networking, professional development, and promotional activities:

Extensive B2B Network

By facilitating numerous business-to-business (B2B) linkages, we have created a robust network that encourages collaboration and growth among businesses in the tourism sector.

Global Market Exposure

We have enabled numerous members to participate in international trade fairs and roadshows. This exposure to key and emerging markets helps Rwandan tourism businesses to expand their international footprint.

Celebrating Rwandan Tourism

Through annual events like The Tourism Week, the Chamber highlights the tourism sector's significant economic contributions and promotes the diverse stakeholders involved in this industry.

Educational and Networking Trips

Organizing familiarization trips, both within and outside Rwanda, we provide valuable experiences for industry members to understand different tourism offerings and establish new connections.

Focus on Empowerment

Special emphasis is placed on professional development and mentorship, particularly programs aimed at empowering women guides, which helps diversify and strengthen the industry.

Promotional Initiatives

The Rwanda Travel Guide and other key events, which attract thousands of national and international participants, serve to promote Rwanda as a premier tourism destination.

Overall, these initiatives by the Rwanda Chamber of Tourism demonstrate a comprehensive and collaborative approach to enhancing the tourism sector, focusing on networking, market expansion, professional development, and sector promotion.