RHA Newsletter-annual events 2023

Dear esteemed members/readers,

As we start the year 2024, the Rwanda Hospitality Association takes great pride in reflecting upon a truly remarkable year 2023 was for the hospitality businesses in our country.  We owe our success to the unwavering support of our esteemed members and dedicated partners who have been instrumental in our journey.

Highlighting Key Initiatives:

Hospitality Road Shows Across 18 zones

One of the standout initiatives of 2023 was the extensive hospitality roadshows hosted by RHA., reaching all 18 zones within Rwanda. These events served as platforms to engage with local communities, provide opportunities to address their challenges within the hospitality sector, and an opportunity to showcase the vibrant hospitality landscape and foster connections within the industry.

RHA’s Participation in Regional/International Events

RHA actively participated in the following regional/international events:

  1. Africa Hospitality Forum
  2. Oromia Tourism Week
  3. Rwandair Corporate Event in Dares Salaam

These engagements provided valuable opportunities to exchange ideas, showcase Rwanda’s hospitality on a global stage, and foster collaborations that contribute to the sector’s growth.

Education and Talent Development:

In collaboration with Sangira Hospitality Talent Pool, RHA proudly supported the graduation of 120 students, nurturing the next generation of hospitality professionals. Additionally, RHA spearheaded the registration of over 300 employees within the sector for an English Proficiency Course in partnership with EF, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and effective communication within the industry.

Safety and Excellence:

RHA actively participated in the “Gerayo Amahoro” safety campaign, focusing on enhancing hospitality excellence and safety. Our commitment to ensuring the well-being of both guests, and industry professionals remains at the forefront of our initiatives. 

Digital Transformation and Inclusivity:

 RHA played a pivotal role in the Private Sector Data Acceleration Program, contributing to the inclusive digitization of the Tourism and Hospitality sector in Rwanda. This forward looking initiative aligns with our vision for a technologically advanced and accessible industry.

As we celebrate the achievements of the past year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each member and partner who has played an instrumental role, in making remarkable strides and achievements.

Together, we look forward to even greater strides in 2024.

Warm Regards,


Rwanda Hospitality Association

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